Percona Community

We welcome all kinds of contributions, from code to documentation to visuals, awareness, enthusiasm, and more – we also contribute to other open source projects and communities! Let’s make technology better!


Each of our projects has its own contribution guidelines. You will find them in the GitHub repositories in the file.

Code contributions are welcome, but code is only one way to contribute! Answering questions on the Percona Forum, writing or contributing fixes to documentation, new blogs, giving talks or video tutorials about using MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc. All of those things help build and support other open source database users.

If you’re interested in producing content for this community (examples: blog post, guide, documentation, talk, course), we can help you with ideas, English editing, and verifying your content’s technical viability. Don’t worry if you’re not a native speaker - we got you covered and will help you improve your English writing skills with tips and suggestions.

For content inspiration, please check the open topics or send a pull request with your topic idea.


Code of Conduct

Our community members care about integrating optimized databases efficiently into their overall architecture. There is no place for harassment of any kind. Please refer to our Code of Conduct for more information.

Bug Reports

Found a bug? Check out the relevant GitHub repository and file an issue or report it to our bug tracker on Jira. Most of our GitHub repositories have issues disabled in order to be able to provide answers quicker via Jira.

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