​My Experience at Kubecon Europe in Amsterdam

by Edith Puclla

Kubecon is the most significant event focused on the Kubernetes ecosystem. It takes place once a year in North America, Europe, and Asia. It is a perfect opportunity to learn from experts, meet friends, grow your network, and attend talks at a varied technical level and meetings focused on CNCF communities. This time I attended Kubecon in Amsterdam. The theme for this version of Kubecon was: community-in-bloom because we are still healing from COVID, and people are getting back to feeling comfortable participating in events.

It is not my first time attending Kubecon; this is my fourth time! What was different this time was that Percona, the company I work for, sponsored Kubecon. This means we also had a booth at the event to share what we do at Percona.

Yessss!! Percona had a booth in Kubecon, Amsterdam.

Percona At Kubecon

Percona is a 100% remote company, and Kubecon was the opportunity to meet part of the team I work with daily.

Percona Team

We started by meeting with friends in one of the most popular places in Amsterdam. I met people from different tech communities and CNCF ambassadors.

Kubecon Happy Hour

If you are in Amsterdam and don’t ride a bicycle, it is an incomplete experience. We rode a bike to the convention center and collected the event badge.

Amsterdam Bicycle

After that, there were three intense days, many activities, meetings, and sessions.


I met with several members of the Docker and CNCF communities. This is the meeting of the Docker captains and various members of the Docker team. Such an amazing experience to know them in person.

Docker Captains

And this is the group of photos that all the CNCF ambassadors had at Kubecon. There are 155 CNCF ambassadors around the world and contributors and advocates of the CNCF ecosystem.

CNCF ambassadors breakfast

Lightning Talks

I attended a large part of the lightning sessions, which were very inspiring. Each speaker has less than 5 minutes to explain a specific topic.

Kevin Patrick talked about the Armada as a Sandbox project in the CNCF, in which the principal goal is enabling batch processing across multiple Kubernetes clusters. Kevin made an introduction to Armada and showed the integration with Apache Airflow.

The next talk was about The CNCF Board Game Rules, where Peter O’Neill made an abstract about the world of the CNCF and imagined it as a role-playing game (RPG) board game. It was pretty nice for Peter to show us the adventure of CNCF with games.

This was one of my favorite lightning talks: [A Beginners Guide to Conference Speaking] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCz9QPrJ6Eo)with Paula Kennedy. She showed a friendly way to prepare proposals for CFPs and advice that will help us through the process.

Another good lightning session was about the Power-Aware Scheduling in Kubernetes with Yuan Chen from Apple. In this talk, Yan gave an overview of a new scheduler feature to support power-aware scheduling in Kubernetes and how it can help safely increase server hardware and data center infrastructure size and improve resource utilization and workload reliability for Kubernetes clusters.

Another of my favorites was Talking to Kubernetes with Rust with James Laverack, where he showed how to interact with Kubernetes in Rust.

Kubernetes Operators Panel Discussion

I also attended a Panel Discussion about Kubernetes Operators. In this panel discussion, Xing Yang, Melissa Logan, Sergey Pronin, and Alvaro Hernandez talked about the challenges that final users have when running data workloads in Kubernetes Operators. They also shared about the need to fulfill the process of data workloads. Check out this fantastic talk and learn more about Kubernetes Operators. A very curious and interesting fact is that most of the assistants use data workload with Kubernetes Operators

Kubernetes Operator Panel Discussion


The last talk I attended was an eBPF talk with Liz Rice (Chief Open Source Officer, Savant) In this talk, Liz shows a demo about how Cilium and its ClusterMesh feature can take care of many aspects of connectivity across multiple clusters in a cloud-agnostic way. Check this talk in CNCF YouTube Channel.

Kubecon eBPF

Clossign Kubecon Amsterdam

Finally, in Percona, we closed the event with a raffle to take home an Atari’; the expectations were relatively high and very fun, and many Percona lovers came to participate in the raffle.

Percona Raffle

You can check in which events Percona is going to be in the next months

Edith Puclla

Edith Puclla is a Technology Evangelist of Percona Corporation, studied at 42 Silicon Valley School in California in 2020, and was part of the Outreachy Internship in 2021. She has a background in DevOps and is a Docker and Kubernetes enthusiast.

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