Monthly Percona Developer Meetup

by Kai Wagner

What is this?

This new meetup is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes view and to interact directly in person with our engineers. You can jump into the session and discuss with our engineers without any barriers in between. If you do have questions, new ideas, enhancements, or are just curious to learn more, you’re welcome to join our call.

We’ll discuss development practices, tools, projects, frameworks, and many more engineering-focused topics we are working on at Percona.


We want to be as open and transparent as we can with our community and users. Transparency and openness is the key element to building and fostering a healthy community. Direct in-person interaction is invaluable and a great channel for sharing ideas and receiving feedback.


The meetup will be scheduled once a month, and we’ll announce it in advance so that you can plan your schedule accordingly.


This event happens virtually via Restream and everyone can join using the published links through our channels.

How do we start?

The kick-off session is going to be this Wednesday, 28th of September 14:30 UTC. We are going to discuss Hacktoberfest in detail, what this is about, and how you can contribute to it. Representatives from various Percona projects will be there to give you some insights into their projects and how you could help make them even better. For more information and a detailed agenda, please look at our announcement. ∎

Kai Wagner

Kai joined Percona in 2022 as an Engineering Manager responsible for the PostgreSQL development team. Before joining Percona, he worked as a team lead and as a software engineer at SUSE Linux. He is now focusing on the coordination of the PostgreSQL development at Percona as well as acting as an open source evangelist.

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