Percona Monitoring and Management 2.31 preview release

by Taras Kozub

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.31 preview release

Hello folks! Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) 2.31 is now available as a preview release.

We encourage you to try this PMM preview release in testing environments only, as these packages and images are not fully production-ready. The final version is expected to be released through the standard channels in the coming week.

Release notes can be found in here

Known issue

PMM-10735: OVF stopped working in a few minutes.

Percona Monitoring and Management server docker


docker tag:


Important: In order to use the DBaaS functionality during the Percona Monitoring and Management preview release, you should add the following environment variablewhen starting PMM server:


Percona Monitoring and Management client package installation

Download the latest pmm2-client release candidate tarball for 2.31 by this link.

If you want to install pmm2-client package, please enable testing repository via Percona-release:

percona-release enable percona testing

install pmm2-client package for your OS via package manager.

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