MySQL 8.0 Document Store, Discovery of a New World – Percona Live ONLINE Talk Preview

by Frédéric Descamps

Percona Live Online Agenda Slot: Wed 21 Oct • New York 5:00 a.m. • London 10:00 a.m. • New Delhi 2:30 p.m. • Singapore 5:00 p.m.


MySQL Document Store enables us to work with SQL relational tables and schema-less JSON collections. So instead of having a mixed bag of databases, you can just rely on MySQL, where the JSON documents can be stored in collections and managed with CRUD operations. All you need to do is install the X plugin. In this session, you will learn what a document store is, how to install and use it, and all the reasons for considering it. We will also see several specific features helping developers and illustrate how the usual MySQL DBA can manage this new world.

Why is your talk exciting?

This talk is very exciting because it’s focus on new capabilities that is available only in MySQL and that many people are not aware of it. Every time I talk about that topic, the audience is really surprised and enthusiast about MySQL Document Store. It’s not common to have a JSON document store will all the capabilities of MySQL, fully transactional but at the same time using CRUD operations where you can mix your relational data and your schemaless document in the same query.

Who would benefit the most from your talk?

This particular talk is more focused on developers but I tried to also include content for DBAs. However it’s not a talk oriented on operators like I usually do during Percona Live shows.

What other talks are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to hear again from René and ProxySQL, a project that I really appreciate. And also I’m curious to see which recommendation Øystein will provide for MySQL analytics queries.

Is there any other question you would like to answer?

I will also have the honor to present the State of the Dolphin during the show, don’t miss it if you want to learn about MySQL 8.0 and our Community. Of course I won’t deliver a full list of features as it would take almost the full conference time ;)

Frédéric Descamps

@lefred has been consulting OpenSource and MySQL for almost 20 years. After graduating in Management Information Technology, Frédéric Descamps started his career as a developer for an ERP under HPUX. He will then opt for a career in the world of open-source by joining one of the first Belgian start-up dedicated 100% to free projects around GNU/Linux. It is in 2011 that lefred joined Percona, one of the leading MySQL-based specialists. He decided to join the MySQL Community Team in 2016 as a MySQL Community Manager for EMEA & APAC. Frédéric is also a regular speaker of OpenSource Conferences. His blog mostly dedicated to MySQL is Fred is also the devoted father of three adorable daughters: Wilhelmine, Héloïse & Barbara.

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