Serverless Databases: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Percona Live ONLINE Talk Preview

by Renato Losio

Percona Live Online Agenda Slot: Wed 21 Oct • New York 4:30 a.m. • London 9:30 a.m • New Delhi 2:00 p.m. • Singapore 4:30 p.m.


Starting with AWS, the major cloud providers offer different options to run a MySQL or a MySQL-compatible database on the cloud. A new approach is to rely on so-called serverless (relational) databases like Aurora Serverless that offer both traditional TCP connections and HTTP API access. Can serverless really be the future? Can data API really replace a MySQL connector? What are the major limitations of a serverless database cluster and do they really protect from inefficient use of database resources?

Why is your talk exciting?

The database is the most challenging layer to optimize resources in the cloud and achieve elasticity. Serverless relational databases can help in that but introduce as well new limitations and challenges, including cloud vendor lock-in. We will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of running a MySQL database serverless.

Who would benefit the most from your talk?

DevOps and cloud architects, almost all the lazy ones. The ones who would like to hide the complexity of managing a relational database on the cloud and optimise price-performances on their deployments with the click of a button.

What other presentations are you most looking forward to?

Many exciting topics in the agenda but I am really looking forward to “How Can Databases Capitalize on Computational Storage?” and “MySQL Ecosystem on ARM” among many others. For the keynotes, I am very interested in “The Cloud is Inevitable” and I am looking forward to Peter’s one as well ("Why Public Database as a Service is Prime for Open Source Disruption").

Renato Losio

Renato Losio is a software and cloud architect, a digital nomad and an accidental speaker. He has many years of experience as a software engineer, tech lead and cloud services specialist in Italy, UK, Portugal and Germany. He currently lives in Berlin and works remotely as principal cloud architect for Funambol inc. Location-based services and relational databases are his main working interests. A certified AWS professional, he holds an MSc degree in Physics and an MSc in Computing Science.

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