MySQL Ecosystem on ARM – Percona Live ONLINE Talk Preview

by Krunal Bauskar

Percona Live Online Agenda Slot: Tue 20 Oct • New York 8:00 p.m. • London 1:00 a.m (next day) • New Delhi 5:30 a.m. • Singapore 8:00 a.m.


The ARM ecosystem is quickly evolving as a cost-effective alternative to run High-Performance Computing (HPC) software. It continues to grow with some major cloud players hosting ARM-based cloud servers. MySQL too joined the ecosystem with 8.x. MariaDB already has made its presence. But besides the mainline server, a lot of tools are yet to get ported to ARM.

In this talk, we will explore what all aspects of the MySQL ecosystem are part of ARM, work in progress, optimization being done for ARM, challenges involved, Is it safe to run MySQL (or its variant) on ARM?, community and industry support, performance aspect (especially with x86_64), etc.

Why is your talk exciting?

MySQL recently added support for ARM (starting 8.x). ARM on the other hand is gaining popularity as a cost-effective solution for running High-Performance Computing Software with multiple cloud providers (Huawei, Amazon, Oracle cloud) providing ARM instances. The community is excited to learn how the MySQL ecosystem is evolving on ARM and what kind of advantage users could get by running it on ARM.

Who would benefit the most from your talk?

Talk is mainly meant for end-user/DBA/dev-ops all those who need to decide how to optimally deploy MySQL and still ensure maximum throughput. The talk will explore the pros and cons of running MySQL on ARM and supporting ecosystems that should give audiences fair ideas if it is time for them to consider the said route.

What other presentations are you most looking forward to?

Percona Live, as always, has a lined up number of good and new talks. Personally, I am interested in checking MySQL deployment that scales geographically. Users are not only moving to the cloud but also considering if the said setup could now be globalized through geo-distribution keeping a tight check on cost especially with the situation of the current pandemic that has forced all businesses to re-look at their spending. Managing Database @ Scale, Best Practices in Design, and Implementing MySQL Geographic Distributed HA solutions are some of my short-lists to attend.

Is there any other question you would like to answer?

I think there are a plethora of options available for users in the DB ecosystem space and the ecosystem is evolving at a pretty good pace. My only message to the users is to keep all options open and be flexible because you never know which options may work wonders for you. With an open-source ecosystem, try/experiment with new things is the key.

Krunal Bauskar

Krunal has been actively working in MySQL space for over a decade. He is currently driving the adaption of the ARM ecosystem for MySQL/MariaDB/Percona through his #mysqlonarm initiative working at Huawei. In the past he has worked on multiple MySQL projects viz. undo log truncate, atomic truncate temp table work, Percona XtraDB Cluster performance, PXC-5.7/8.0 features as part of his tenure at MySQL/Oracle (as InnoDB developer) and Percona (as PXC product lead). With a wide interest in data management like studying big-data problems at Yahoo labs or developing a hardware-accelerated MySQL custom storage engine for a startup (now part of Teradata).

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