Two weeks to MariaDB Server Fest

by Kaj Arno

There is still time to register for the MariaDB Server Fest 2020!

MariaDB Fest 2020
MariaDB Fest 2020[/caption]

Our Fest is the opportunity to have live interactions with the key players on MariaDB Server: the developers of MariaDB Server, the service providers, the experts, the system integrators, and – perhaps most importantly – your fellow users!

Interactivity happens all the time, with the presenters being cloned and available for answering questions throughout the presentation. This is because the presentations (including voice, a talking head, and the slide decks) are pre-recorded, freeing up the presenter’s attention to be fully devoted to the audience. Multithreading!

Sessions are listed in full on the web, with the exact timing for the three virtual locations still being fine-tuned. Turn in to listen to 30 presenters from eg. Supermetrics, MariaDB Corporation, Percona, Microsoft, Galera, Tencent, Bilibili and MariaDB Foundation.

Timing is during your day-time, and spread out across three days, five hours a day, so you can still get most of your normal job done.

On Monday-Wednesday 14-16 Sep 2020 we have the Paris conference, on Tuesday-Thursday 15-17 Sep 2020 we have the New York conference, and on Friday-Sunday 18-20 Sep 2020 the Beijing conference. Exact agendas vary slightly between the locations, to cater to the sleeping patterns of the presenters from other time zones.

Talk to you in less than two weeks!


Kaj Arno

Kaj Arnö is CEO of the MariaDB Foundation. He is a software industry generalist, having served as VP Professional Services, VP Engineering, CIO and VP Community Relations of MySQL AB prior to the acquisition by Sun Microsystems. At Sun, Kaj served as MySQL Ambassador to Sun and Sun VP of Database Community. Board member at Footbalance Systems Oy (Helsinki, Finland). Past founder, CEO and 14 year main entrepreneur of Polycon Ab (Finland). Kaj is a co-founder of MariaDB Corporation Ab, and served on its Executive Team in several positions, most recently Chief Evangelist. Kaj lives and works in Munich, Germany, and during summer often in Nagu, Finland. He is a citizen of both countries. Kaj holds a M.Sc. (Eng.) from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) and an MBA from Hanken School of Economics. He tweets @kajarno.

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