Percona Projects for Google Summer of Code - 2020

by Puneet Kala

We are proud to announce that Percona was selected as a participating organization for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2020 program, this is our second year as a participating org with the GSoC program.

GSoC is a great program to involve young student developers in open source projects. We participated in the program in 2019 for the first time and we were really happy and satisfied with the results. Percona Platform Engineering team decided to participate again for the 2020 program and we are glad and really happy to inform you that we were selected and welcome the student to work with our team during the summer of 2020 on their GSoC Project.


We started planning for GSoC around November-December 2019, with the help from our Product Management team, we were able to shortlist a few ideas which we thought were really the right fit for our students, with Google Summer of Code, we realized it is very important to select projects which fit the timeline of the program and justify the purpose of the project for both the student and organization, with the help of our Marketing and HR department were able to prepare a landing page for our potential GSoC Students with all relevant information about projects and communication platforms, from our past year’s experience and observation from other organizations,Β  we realized most of the students start their preparations right from the mid of January.

Since this is just our second year as a participating organization we are really happy with the response we got from students, let’s look at the numbers and compare them with 2019, these numbers are based on org data exported from


Student and Projects

The student intern who will be working with us is Meet Patel, This is the first time for Meet to be selected as a student intern with the GSoC Program.

We selected two students for the program but unfortunately, one of our students failed to meet the eligibility criteria of the program and was dropped later.

Meet Patel

GSoC Student Meet Patel

Meet is a 2nd year undergraduate at DAIICT, Gandhinagar, India; pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology with a minor in Computational Science. Meet is an open-source enthusiast and an avid developer, who is always excited to learn about new technologies.

Meet will work on the GSoC project for the Refactoring of PMM Framework. PMM Framework is an automated testing framework that is used to set up PMM with various databases and their multiple instances, perform load tests and wipe everything after tests are done. One of the major objectives of this project is to make a well-documented script that helps easily set up PMM to the new users as well as refactoring it to make it more usable for internal testing.

To track the progress of the project, please follow the GSoC Project Branch. The Percona mentors for the project are Puneet Kala, Frontend/Web QA Automation Engineer, Nailya Kutlubaeva, QA Engineer The GSoC team at Percona is thankful to everyone involved in this year’s application and selection process. We are excited to have a team of mentors helping students learn about our products and working in open source. We’re looking forward to enjoying the two-way dialogue and guiding the students to hone their skills as they experience working on these valuable PMM developments.

If you have any questions about GSoC Program please feel free to write to us on ∎

Puneet Kala

Frontend Web Automation Quality Assurance at Percona

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