Our Offer to Online Meetups and Community Leaders

by Daniil Bazhenov

Offer of Percona Speakers for events
Percona’s Community team organizes our speakers at in-person events around the world, such as Percona Live, Percona University, and events sponsored by other organizations. However, like everyone else around the world, all our plans are on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Perhaps you, like many others, are organizing online events, such as virtual meetups on Meetup.com. We can help you by making Percona’s team of experienced and well-known speakers available for your event. We have experts on key open-source database topics, including Kubernetes, monitoring, high availability, and more.

Many of our speakers have spoken at major tech conferences before. These include experts like Peter Zaitsev, Alkin Tezuysal, Ibrar Ahmed, Tyler Duzan, and Sveta Smirnova, with availability across many timezones. Further, if you invite a Percona speaker to present virtually, Percona will help promote your events on our blog and social networks.

To get started, just email community-team@percona.com anytime.

Percona Live Amsterdam 2019
Percona Live Amsterdam 2019

Desk Photo by: Sarah Pflug

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