Percona Live Europe '19: MongoDB 4.2

by Antonios Giannopoulos


It’s all about MongoDB® 4.2 this time. MongoDB 4.2 released like a month ago (still newborn) and I am going to cover what’s new in three different areas: sharding, indexing, and the aggregation framework. I can promise you this, there are a lot of new features and improvements in MongoDB 4.2 and I am thrilled to present those to you. Join me at Percona Live Europe, and discover how distributed transactions, wildcard indexes and materialized views (plus many other new features) actually work and fit on your workload.

This talk is for you if…

… you are actively working with MongoDB, either as a DBA/SRE or a Developer. I am confident that you will love the new features and you would like to adopt them straight away after the presentation.

If you are not working with MongoDB or you have never heard about MongoDB before, come join us and check if the 4.2 new features fit your needs. Maybe MongoDB 4.2 has the answer to a challenge you are currently facing with your existing datastore.

Other presentations I’m looking forward to…

I wish I could be James Arthur Madrox (the Multiple Man) and attend all talks. I am going to attend all MongoDB related talks, as all the Mongo topics are great this year. I will also try to attend as many Postgres talks as I can, I am very curious to find out how the Percona distribution for Postgres will make my DBA life easier. Keynotes and tutorials are also a must.

And last but not least, Percona Europe returns to Amsterdam!!!

More about Percona Live Europe 2019

Antonios is presenting two talks at Percona Live Europe 2019: New Indexing and Aggregation Pipeline Capabilities in MongoDB 4.2 and What’s New on Sharding in MongoDB 4.2. He was also an active member of the community paper selection committee (thank you!)

You can download a full schedule from the agenda page and if you’d like to hear these talks, register with CMESPEAK-ANTONIOS for a 20% discount!

Antonios Giannopoulos

Antonios Giannopoulos is a Senior Database Administrator at ObjectRocket supporting MongoDB, Elastic and CockroachDB. Antonios has 18 years of experience in databases and system engineering. He really enjoys challenges in sharding and schema design and loves migrations from Relational to NoSQL world.

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