Percona Live Presents: The State of Databases in 2019

by Dave Cohen

state of databases 2019

At this year’s Percona Live I am talking about The State of Databases in 2019. As a Software Engineer in the thick of the Database landscape, there are two problems that I see repeatedly.

  1. Due to the massive explosion of database solutions, it has become very difficult to evaluate what database solution will serve the best for one’s use case, and

  2. The constant tug of war between database operators and users. While users (software developers) want the best suited database solution for their use case, and operators have to find a way to deploy databases for the entire organization’s needs.

I feel these are both real world problems which will be experienced by any organization using  a database at any scale. In my talk, I will touch upon both areas, and share my experience working with various database engines over my career.

Who’d get the most from the presentation?

My talk is oriented primarily towards software developers and database operators. However, it is of general interest for all stakeholders including people in the C-suite. The database landscape is very complex and is very hard to understand so anybody who would like to understand the landscape in 2019 could benefit from my talk.

What I’m looking forward to the most…

While I am looking forward to a significant number of talks spread over both days of the conference, a few stand out.

MySQL Technology Evolutions at Facebook

I am a big fan of how things actually run in production. I believe code & software engineering practices mature when your code runs in production. As many people know, Facebook has a huge MySQL installation. It is exciting to learn how they have productionized MySQL to serve over a billion users.

Databases at Scale, at Square

Again, I love to know how different organizations productionize their databases. With Square being bang in the middle of enterprise and retail financial ecosystems, I am very interested in listening to this talk on how they balance the various requirements and deliver a great database product.

Storing Time Series in 2019: Modern Database Performance, Scalability, and Reliability Comparison

I am a committer on the Apache Cassandra project - a database that is frequently used for storing time series data. I also want to hear about the specifics of the monitoring system that they have built leveraging Cassandra. It is always interesting to hear first hand experiences from our users.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Dave Cohen

Dave Cohen is the Storage Solutions CTO in Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory and Storage (NVMS) Group and the Chief Architect of Intel’s Data Management Platform. This is a rack-centric, physical cluster that builds on the Intel Rack Scale Design (RSD). Dave has been at Intel for five years working on a variety of network and storage related solutions. His career spans over 30 years working on large scale, distributed systems for Fortune 500 companies across several industry segments.

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