Percona Live Presents: The First Ever TiDB Track

by PingCAP

The PingCAP team has always been a strong supporter of Percona and the wider open source database community. As the people who work day in and day out on TiDB, an open source NewSQL database with MySQL compatibility, open source database is what gets us in the morning, and there’s no better place to share that passion than Percona Live.

At this year’s Percona Live Open Source Database Conference in Austin, Texas, we are particularly excited to bring you a full track of talks and demo on the latest development in TiDB during Day 1 of the conference.

Who would benefit from the TiDB track

The TiDB track is designed to share with developers, DBAs, and practitioners in general technical know-hows, reproducible benchmarks (no benchmark-eting), and best practices on how TiDB can solve their problems. There are 7 talks total by folks from PingCAP and Intel that cover the full gamut of how you can test, migrate, and use TiDB in the cloud to solve technical problems and deliver business value. Here’s a run down of the talk topics:

Phew! That’s a lot. I hope you are excited to join us for this track. As Peter Zaitsev and Morgan Tocker (one of the TiDB track speakers) noted in a recent Percona webinar, there’s a lot TiDB can do to help scale MySQL while avoiding common manual sharding issues. This track will peel the onion to show you all the fun stuff under the hood.

Whose presentations do you look forward to?

Besides the TiDB track, there are many other presentations we are excited about. In particular, I look forward to attending Stacy Yuan and Yashada Jadhav of PayPal’s talk on MySQL Security and Standardization, and Vinicius Grippa of Percona’s presentation on enhancing MySQL Security.

See you soon in Austin!


PingCAP is building an open source distributed NewSQL hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) database. Its flagship open source database project, TiDB, is a cloud-native distributed SQL layer with MySQL compatibility. TiDB’s sister project, TiKV, is a cloud-native distributed Key-Value store and also growing rapidly.

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