London Open Source Database Community Meetup

by Federico Razzoli

I strongly believe in the community.

Communities are the real strength of open source. Not just the theoretical ability to study, modify and share code – but the fact that other people out there are doing these things. Creating a base of knowledge and a network of relations.These can become work relationships, valuable discussions, open source tools, or even friendships.

London Open Source Database Meetup

That is why, when I heard that several people from the Percona support team will soon be in London, I badly wanted to organise an event.

Actually, there was an interesting coincidence. When I asked Sveta Smirnova if anyone from Percona lives in London, I already knew I wanted to organise an event with this new meetup group I’ve started: London Open Source Database meetup. But when Sveta told me that a whole team of Perconians would soon come to London? Well, trying to organise something big was natural! I asked them to speak about a broad range of technologies. And they came up with some brilliant talk descriptions.

This is the list of talks (the order may change a bit):

  • MongoDB ReplicaSet and Sharding – Vinodh Krishnaswamy, Support Engineer
  • MySQL 8.0 architecture and Enhancements – Lalit Choudhary, Bug Reproduction Analyst
  • Optimizer Histograms: When they Help and When Do Not? – Sveta Smirnova, Principal Bug Escalation Specialist
  • New and Maturing Built-in Features in PostgreSQL to Help Build Simple Shards – Jobin Augustine, Senior Support Engineer
  • Brothers in Arms: Using ProxySQL + PXC to Ensure Transparent High Availability for your Application – Vinicius Grippa, Support Engineer


If you will be in or near London on Wednesday March 27, between 7pm and 10pm, please sign up on the event page as soon as possible, meet the Percona experts, enjoy a few snacks courtesy of Percona, and be a part of this new idea. The event is being held at Innovation Warehouse in the Farringdon area – it’s above Smithfield Market.

And I’d like to thank the Percona team for helping me get this new project off the ground. See you there!

Federico Razzoli

Relational databases lover and open source supporter. I wrote “Mastering MariaDB” in 2014, and I was a MariaDB Community Ambassador. I am an independent consultant based in London

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