#ilovefs Valentine's Day Celebration (I Love Free Software)

by Lorraine Pocklington

Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is celebrating the creators of free software with their I Love Free Software campaign #ilovefs, a social campaign for Valentine’s Day.

The idea is to show some appreciation to the makers of free software. Most of our communications with free software creators are about bugs and feature requests and maybe we just forget to say “Thanks”. So FSFE are trying to provide some balance.

FSFE were promoting the campaign at FOSDEM at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately my swag parcel arrived a little late to get our widely distributed remote colleagues the balloons and material to pose with, so you just get me!

Since getting the swag distributed to my colleagues in time for Valentine’s day was a challenge, I headed to my local University in Aberystwyth, Wales to share the goodies, and encourage final year computer science students to celebrate free software.

Share the love…

If you’d like to share your appreciation for free software too:

And of course, twice a year at Percona Live Open Source Database Conferences EVERYONE loves free software… come and share the love!


Lorraine Pocklington

Community Manager for Percona

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