Percona Live Europe Presents: ClickHouse at Messagebird: Analysing Billions of Events in Real-Time\*

by Félix Mattrat, Aleksandar Aleksandrov

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We’ll look into how Clickhouse allows us to ingest a large amount of data and run complex analytical interactive queries at MessageBird. We also present the business needs that brought ClickHouse to our attention and detail the journey to its deployment. We cover the problems we faced, and how we dealt with them. We talk about our current Cloud production setup and how we deployed and use it.

We are really enthusiastic to share a use case of Clickhouse, how it helped us to scale our analytics stack with the good, the bad and the ugly.

The talk could be useful to newcomers and everyone wondering if Clickhouse could be useful to them.

What we’re looking forward to…

There are many talks, but these are among the top ones we’re looking forward to in particular:

Félix Mattrat

Félix is a Data Engineer at MessageBird, an IT Telecom Startup based in Amsterdam. With the data team of MessageBird he is working on building and managing various data pipelines with a focus on scalability and real-time. He also worked on designing and deploying the ClickHouse cluster and now is busy with running and scaling.

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Aleksandar Aleksandrov

Aleksandar is a Data Engineer at MessageBird, an IT Telecom Startup based in Amsterdam. His mission is to bring accessible data to every nook and cranny in the business. In the data team in MessageBird he is working on designing, building and maintaining the data infrastructure with a focus on scaling it as the business grows.

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