Percona Live Europe Presents: pg_chameleon MySQL to PostgreSQL Replica Made Easy

by Federico Campoli


What excites me is the possibility that this tool is giving to other people. Also, the challenges I’ve faced and the new ideas for the future releases are always source of interest that keep me focused on the project. So I’m looking forward to sharing this with the conference delegates.

pg_chameleon can achieve two tasks in a very simple way. It can setup a permanent replica between MySQL and PostgreSQL, giving the freedom of choice for the right tool for the right job, or can migrate multiple schemas to a PostgreSQL database.

Anybody that want to extend their database experience, taking the best of the two worlds, or who is seeking a simple way to migrate data with minimal downtime will find the presentation interesting.

What else am I looking forward to at Percona Live Europe?

I’m looking forward to Bruce Momjian’s Explaining the Postgres Query Optimizer, Bo Wang’s How we use and improve Percona XtraBackup at Alibaba Cloud and Federico Razzoli’s MariaDB system-versioned tables

Read the Percona blog about pg_chameleon 


Federico Campoli

Federico is the author of pg_chameleon a replication tool from MySQL to PostgreSQL developed in Python 3.3+

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