Percona Live Europe Presents: MariaDB 10.4 Reverse Privileges (DENY)

by Vicentiu Ciorbaru

MariaDB Foundation

One of the most common questions about privileges in MySQL and MariaDB is how would a user revoke access to a particular table, in a large database with hundreds or thousands of tables, while keeping the rest available. Currently, there is no easy solution. Just grant access to everything else, individually. Not only does this reduce server performance, but is a nightmare to maintain. Reverse privileges solve this and more. And they are simple to explain to new admins too! So I look forward to sharing the knowledge during my presentation at PLE18.

DBAs would benefit from this talk the most. As it is a feature still under development, we are open for input from the community. Tell us what you think we should do to make this feature the best it can be.

What I’m looking forward to…


It will be quite interesting to see what challenges people have faced with MySQL and MariaDB and how they were overcome. As a database developer, it’s always important to understand how your users make use of the product. It is only through this that we can make it better. ∎

Vicentiu Ciorbaru

VicenΘ›iu works at the MariaDB Foundation as a Software Engineer. He focuses on Optimizer development, but has also worked on other parts of the MariaDB Server. Notable projects include: Window Functions in MariaDB, Custom Aggregate Functions in MariaDB, Roles in MariaDB

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