Percona Live Europe Presents: The Latest MySQL Replication Features

by Tiago Jorge

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Considering the modern world of technology, where distributed system play a key role, replication in MySQL® is at the very heart of that change. It is very exciting to deliver this presentation and to be able to show everyone the greatest and the latest features that MySQL brings in order to continue the success that it has always been in the past.

The talk is suitable for anyone that’s interested in knowing what Oracle is doing with MySQL replication. Old acquaintances will get familiarized about new features already delivered and being considered and newcomers to the MySQL ecosystem will see how great MySQL Replication has grown to be and how it fits in their business..

What I’m most looking forward to at Percona Live Europe…

tiago jorge

We are always eager to get feedback about the product.

Moreover, MySQL being MySQL has a very large user base and, as such, is deployed and used in many different ways. It is very appealing and useful to continuously learn how our customers and users are making the most out of the product. Especially when it comes to replication, since MySQL replication infrastructure is anenabler for advanced and complex setups, making it a powerful and indispensable tool in virtually any setup nowadays.

Tiago Jorge

Tiago is a Senior Software Developer at Oracle and Technical Lead for Group Communication System in Group Replication.

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