Percona Live Europe Session: What's New in MariaDB Server 10.3

by Arjen Lentz


MariaDB Foundation

Having spent my recent years “in the real world”, working with many users, I’ve learnt that a particular new feature does not necessarily excite users as much as one might expect. MariaDB 10.3 however actually has some very interesting features that users do get excited about.

So that’s great!

My session at Percona Live Europe in Frankfurt is going to be best for people deploying MariaDB or related infra, who haven’t had a chance to explore what the various features actually mean, or what they can do with them. The presentation will provide some practical examples to guide that process.

What I’m most looking forward to…

Given my new position as CEO of the MariaDB Foundation, I’m most looking forward to meeting lots of people. Many I know from way back and it will be good to catch up, others I haven’t met yet. The program looks fabulous, but I expect to spend a lot of time in the “hallway track”, and doing a lot of listening.

Arjen Lentz is an old hand from the early and golden MySQL AB eras. After the acquisition of his company Open Query, he is now once again accumulating jetlag. This time as CEO of the MariaDB Foundation, eager to meet people the world over and talk about the MariaDB ecosystem.

Arjen was responding to our questions about his session at the forthcoming Percona Live Europe 2018 conference in Frankfurt. _

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