Jean-François Gagné

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Jean-François (J-F, JF or Jeff for short, not just Jean please) is a System/Infrastructure Engineer and a MySQL Expert. In July 2018, he joined MessageBird, an IT telco startup in Amsterdam, with the mission of scaling the MySQL infrastructure. Before that, J-F worked for five years on growing the MySQL and MariaDB installations, including dealing with replication bottlenecks (he also works on many other non MySQL related projects that are less relevant here). Some of his latest projects are cracking Master Automatic Failover, making Parallel Replication run faster and promoting Binlog Servers. He also has a good understanding of replication in general and a respectable understanding of InnoDB, MySQL, Linux and TCP/IP. Before, he worked as a System/Network/Storage Administrator in a Linux/VMWare environment, as an Architect for a Mobile Services Provider, and as a C and Java Programmer in an IT Service Company. Even before that, when he was learning computer science, Jeff studied cache consistency in distributed systems and network group communication protocols.
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